Facebook re-instates the “About” section in Pages | Tell me About You!

In one of Facebook’s many profile and page re-designs, they did away with the “About Me” section found under your profile image. No warning, just gone in true Facebook fashion.

Most people who invested time in connecting and building relationships on Facebook, truly appreciated this quick way to peruse a profile or page, learn more about a person or brand, and quickly access links to the brand’s website or other social spaces. Since moving the tabs from the top of the page to the left hand side, Facebook re-engineered the look and consequently, did away with the “About Me” box.

Now that the dust has settle and everyone is getting use to the new design, Facebook has brought back this strategic “introduction” feature to pages. The new box, now simply called “About” has been reinstated on pages and can be found below the tab links on the left hand side of the page. This free form text box will now automatically pull the first 58 characters from the “Company Overview” section on your “Basic Information” tab of your page dashboard. To edit the content of this box, click on the typical Facebook “Edit” link on the top right hand side of the box which will bring up your “Basic Information” page. Find the “Company Overview” section and edit away. Be sure to use these 58 characters wisely to describe your company, mission or call to action. This field will no longer allow you to publish a hyperlink taking you away from the page but it’s a start. Hopefully Facebook will re-instate that option as well.

Why is this tiny “About” box important?
Positioning. It is marketing fact that people’s eyes will gravitate to the left-hand side of a web page first, from the top to the middle of the page, giving more justification to why Facebook moved the tabs which used to be at the top of the page to links now on  the left hand side.

People visiting your page will first look at the page’s image/badge, see ours on the left, and form an opinion on the professionalism of the page. Now, they will also  have the opportunity to quickly glance at the “About” section not far below the image to further confirm their belief or sway their opinion. Many other factors will play into whether or not someone decides to “Like” your page, but if you’ve invested in a branded badge or profile image that represents your company well and are crystal clear in your brand message or call to action, strategically using the “About” box, then you’re well on your way to attracting more fans that are genuinely interested in your company’s products or services.

About Lisa McKenzie

Lisa McKenzie is a social media and joint venture strategist at Red Carpet Strategies where she designs customized cross platform integrated communications and marketing strategies for brands led by women or marketed to women. She is also a faculty trainer at Social Media Academy for Women where she shares her expertise in building communities of fans and evangelists, creating profitable joint ventures and using video to enhance brand visibility.

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