Rave Reviews

“As the owner of several small businesses, each with its own unique way of creating freedom and joy in people’s lives, I needed a social media formula and a revenue growth strategy that would make whatever I did successful. Through working with Francine Allaire, I learned to define my message and create a consistent business strategy that works. She makes it simple and encouraged me to explore new ways of getting my message out there. Here are a few of the results:
•    My book, “Cultivating Radiance”, sold out within 3 days on Amazon.
•    At Encore Gymnastics we have raised event revenue by 48% this year.
•    This year’s olive oil harvest sold out in less than 8 hours! (It usually takes me months)
The cool part is that I spend less time making more money. If you are committed to creating your dream and growing your business, the information you’ll receive from working with her will get you there and beyond. I had to start dreaming BIGGER! She helped me with it.”Tamara Gerlach Owner, Encore Gym, Prana Life Coaching, Gerlach Olive and Oil, Author, Cultivating Radiance

“You just know Cindy is always someone you would want on your team. She is a great connector and builder of relationships, and she brings a high level of trust and authenticity to her work. She is extremely knowledgeable in the world of social media strategy, yet she understands it is a consistently changing world and has committed herself to constantly learning and evolving along with it.”- Rich Greif, National Executive Director, Everybody Wins! USA

“Working with Lisa has taken my business to the next level!  She has the gift of clarity, which helped me quickly and easily arrive at the answers I was looking for.  She helped me get clear and specific about who my target audience was and how to relay my core message to them most effectively.  Her techniques and exercises were fun and easy to follow.  Nobody understands and communicates effective marketing strategies better than she does.  Thank-you Lisa!” ~ Susan Hobson, Elite Performance Coach and founder of www.EliteHighPerformance.com

“Francine is a dynamic, upbeat person who sees the Big Picture while not overlooking attention-to-detail. I’m impressed how her personal integrity and sense of collaboration integrate to make her an excellent colleague and provider who can assist customers in increasing their market share, forming strategic alliances and building long-term business growth. 

She is well-connected and highly self-motivated. She is focused on enabling others by sharing practical and effective strategies for expansion and venture enhancement. 

I give Francine my unqualified and highest recommendation as a ‘Can-Do’ provider who will work with you for long-term success. You would do well to solicit her guidance and follow her wise counsel.” – Michael Potter, Esq., CEO, Wealth Preservation Advisors LLC

“I worked with Cindy on the launch of The South Beach diet brand.  Cindy works to find win-win solutions to business opportunities. She is easy to work with and is a creative problem solver.” Howard Brandeisky, VP, Global Marketing & Innovation at John B. Sanfilippo & Son, Inc.

“Lisa is a consummate professional who started with an excellent presentation on how to create your business presence in the social networking realm and then delivered the goods on how to make it profitable. I’ve seen many presentations on social networking but Lisa cuts past the fluff and dives right into the details as a seasoned expert. Her services are well worth the time and investment which is paid back through business exposure very quickly.” – Leslie Eisner, Ignite Potentials

“The niche market that I was focusing my business around just didn’t seem to fit any longer. I was losing my passion for it, which was alarming considering my company name was a result of my passion for life and business. Then came along Francine Allaire, after talking with her for only a few minutes, she planted the seed that grew into my new found business focus and as a result I was able to reclaim my passion not only for my business but my life as well. Francine gave me the means to think bigger and broader, I realized my niche was too narrow and it alone wasn’t enough to feed my soul, but she allowed me to see that what I had to offer could encompass a bigger audience and she was right.” – Lisa A. Fredette, Certified Life Coach

“Cindy Ratzlaff was an engaging and informative speaker. She displayed an overabundance of knowledge and understanding on the subject of social media and was able to deliver that information in an energetic and easily understood fashion. Her keynote address was the perfect kick-off to our marketing solutions conference.” – Margaret McConnell, Marketing and Communications Director with Lehigh Valley Economic Development Corporation

“Lisa McKenzie is the social media networkingqueen of Canada! Her passion and understanding of the most important communication networking tool of the 21st century is unsurpassed. I work with Lisa because she is the best and she gets results!” ~ Nadja Piatka, founder of www.NadjaFoods.com and www.UltimateGirlsGetaway.com

“Francine has inspired me to reach outside of my comfort zone and achieve my dreams. Without her advice and support, I’m sure that I’d still be talking about my future, rather than creating my future. If you want to be a success, I strongly recommend giving Francine a call. You’ll be glad you did!” – Joanne Flowers, Owner, WGW Events

“Cindy is one of those rare individuals with a strong business acumen and incredible creativity. I love working with Cindy on projects because something brilliant, lucrative, and fun always follows.” – Valerie Valente, Vice President, Publishing Director, Rodale Inc.

“Lisa, I found your strategic session to be exactly what I have been looking for. The one page hand out is excellent. It will provide me with the structure I need to create my social media strategy. I have avoided engaging in social media tools until now because I fundamentally understood that social media is a tool and that I had to be absolutely clear on the purpose for using the tool. I also needed a vision of how I will work with the tool to further develop my business. I got that from your session.” Anita Caputo, CMA, Bigger Picture Institute

“Francine is a very experienced and insightful alliance professional. Her background in sales, marketing and partnerships gives her a unique perspective and experience on how to make alliances successful. I regularly seek Francine’s wisdom and advice.” – Chandos Quill , Global Vice President, Strategic Alliances

“Cindy Ratzlaff created a significant social media presence for our book launch, growing the fan base on Twitter and Facebook from zero to more than 7,000 in just a few short weeks. Cindy helped us translate the author’s message and voice into the language of these platforms to drive viral awareness of the launch. Working with Cindy was cost effective, easy and we highly recommend her services to other authors seeking to jump start their social media strategy.”  Rodale Books

“Being a woman in business for over ten years I believe it is essential to know everything you can about how you can continue to grow your business. Lisa helped me understand how fun, easy and essential using Social Media & Joint Venturing is these days. Not only was it very educating, but her enthusiasm & passion for business was very contagious & I left every class feeling like I fell in love with my business all over again!” – Vered Haiun, Danserotek.com

“Francine and I keep running into each other at business events. To date, these events have not been in either of our backyards. Meeting another woman with my business passion is grounds for discussion and that we have done. Francine is indeed a “Daring” business mind who I’ve had the pleasure of conversation with. She is thoughtful, driven, passionate and truly able able and willing to spread the abundance of success with her great vision. I highly recommend Ms. Allaire for any like-minded project or joint venture aligned with your purpose. This is one smart lady and she has her priorities in place…her clients being at the top!” – Mo Bailey  Owner, Write4Good Research & Communications, Mo Bailey & Associates, BizSimplicity Coaching Concepts

“Everything I know about social media, I learned from Cindy Ratzlaff.” – Kathy Kinney, star of MrsP.com

“Lisa McKenzie quickly taught me that Social Media is a very powerful marketing medium that can dynamically grow my business. Yes, anyone can learn Twitter and Facebook from their 15 year old. But what does one do with that knowledge? I have lofty goals for my company PicPads. Lisa, a successful marketing woman in her own right, taught me how to harness the power of Social Media to effectively reach large groups of people with my corporate messages. Lisa teaches with great patience and a truly genuine attitude of “I want you to succeed” in every session. I gained not only potent marketing strategies but a life long business advocate who cares about my business as if it’s her own. Thanks to Lisa I have a lot of confidence in Social Media and believe that it will be a great asset in reaching my goals.” ~ Laura Eiman, founder www.PicPads.com

“Francine is a high energy, effective business executive. I have seen her in a variety of projects. She is always very enthusiastic, provides great leadership, and participates as a strong member of the team. In several projects, without Francine’s leadership and constant energy, we would have failed to achieve our goals.  It is always a great privilege to be involved in any project with Francine.” – David Brock , President and CEO, Partners In EXCELLENCE

“Cindy Ratzlaff is an eloquent and engaging speaker who is able to take decades of marketing and brand development experience and make it easily understandable, accessible and memorable. She provides inspiration and action items for her audience and we highly recommend her as a speaker.” – Michelle Galloway, Assistant Director of Professional Development, Villanova School of Business

“Lisa taught us how to monetize our contacts and develop our clients through Facebook and Twitter. Her program was relevant, accessible and enjoyable. We came away with a clear strategy to grow our business and a positive attitude towards this new marketing method. She is a great teacher and we highly recommend this program!” ~ Tanya Chernova and Joanna Andros, founders of www.CourageousLiving.com

“I had the pleasure of interacting with Francine. She is very customer-centric and is outstanding at developing and fostering business relationships with clients and prospects alike with the goals of providing them with perspective, pathways and solutions to their most pressing issues.” Top qualities: Personable, Good Value, Creative – Jeff Reid, CIO

“I attended a Social Media Strategy presentation by Lisa McKenzie. She has great energy and passion for an area which can feel overwhelming to many business owners (myself included!). 
Her communication style is very engaging and informative – I left with some great tools and know how. I would definitely recommend working with her and hope to do so again myself in the not to distant future!” Moira Hutchison, Life Coach & Holistic Health Practitioner, Wellness Wisdom With Moira

“I worked with Francine for many years and I consider a close friend a well. She has great work ethic, is totally dedicated to the success of her people and customers equally and, can keep her focus on the task at hand like nobody else. Her customers think of her as knowledgeable, personable and creative. Francine is always to the point. If you’re looking for a long existentialist conversation or the latest riffraff of the day, look elsewhere. If you have a business problem that keeps you awake at night, your business is at risk or you think all options have been exhausted, sit down with Francine and let her help you plan your way out of troubles.” – Francois Brunelle , Sales Representative , Oracle Canada

“Lisa, you opened my eyes to a potential that I could never imagine. I was skeptical at first but now I understand this IS a marketing tool that one can not live without. Seriously, you made the sessions so easy to follow. I recommend this training program to everyone because it’s where the future is headed and more importantly you are a great teacher. Your gift is your flexibility in dealing with each individual’s needs and comprehension. We were all we eager to forge ahead and take your techniques home to try them immediately. Priceless! I look forward to learning more!!!” ~ Patty Contenta, founder of www.SensualitySecrets.com, Canadian Champion Ballroom Dancer and owner of Arthur Murray Laval

“Over the past few years I have had the opportunity to work closely with Francine through a leadership program offered through WOMEN Unlimited Inc. In working with Francine I have been able to directly observe her drive and passion in assisting upcoming leaders with their individual development opportunities with focus on achieving career goals. Francine was very effective as a mentor with these senior leaders in that she really challenged individuals to look deep and broad into source of challenges they faced and to come up with options that really stretched them in professional growth and to prepare for next level of executive leadership. She is a true partner and always made herself available and gave 100% towards any business relationship that she was involved in. Her ability to network and establish strong business relationships is strength of hers and has led to new business engagements that have helped organizations move their business forward. In summary Francine is a very professional individual to partner with and is focused on making a positive impression and difference with all that she comes into contact with.” – Matt Ek, Division Vice President, ADP

“I had the pleasure of hearing Lisa McKenzie speak recently on the Topic of Digital Footprint & Facebook Guidance for Parents. Compelling and convincing, Lisa gave us ideas to help guide our children through safe & responsible use of social media. Insightful about the ways in which online predators can use social media, she enlightened us on the use of Facebook privacy controls. She instilled the idea of promoting within our children a keen awareness as to their own digital footprints. Parents who were previously scared and unsure of how to use Facebook went home and adjusted privacy settings on their own accounts as well as their kids’. 
As a person who uses Facebook to promote my business, I am often asked questions about social media use for professional purposes. When I am not sure of something, I immediately recommend they get in touch with Lisa. She has marketing savvy combined with social media know-how, most notably an intricate knowledge of the ins & outs of Facebook. 
As a mom, I recommend that anyone with kids hear Lisa speak on Digital Footprint & Facebook Guidance for Parents. As a businesswoman, I recommend that anyone considering the use of social media to promote their business have the opportunity to hear Lisa speak on the subject. You will come away empowered, enlightened and understanding how Facebook really can, and will, help build your business.” ~ Tanya Toledano, founder MontrealMom

“Francine has a long history in business development and understanding how to close complex sales. Her strong understanding of strategy gives her the ability to connect with the right companies, targets and business alliances leveraging her success in meeting sales and marketing goals. My experience with Francine is that she is highly effective in marketing to the needs of clients, alliances and verticals and is someone that would be an asset to any sales/marketing team.” – Marsha Steed , Business Development Manager, CSC

“Lisa is a passionate, knowledgeable social media strategist; she has the ability to ‘connect the dots’ and make facebook, twitter & affiliate marketing easy and actionable. I’m already using the valuable info I’ve learned. I highly recommend her work.” – Janice Besner, Manager, Marketing & Communications at Cummings Centre

“Francine was a natural fit for a role where she worked extensively with the channel partners, partner sales managers and the Business Unit executives. She was highly effective in both the strategic and tactical aspects of the job. I highly recommend Francine for any type of strategic sales management role. She will be an asset to any company she joins.” –Terri Gudger  Senior Director, Business Planning and Management, Systems Group , SUN MICROSYSTEMS

“I was introduced by phone to Francine shortly after her hire at CSC in September 2008. It was during that very first conversation I realized we hired an extremely bright, articulate and professional individual. I was excited with the prospects of what Francine would be able to offer the regional offices she supported. And she did not disappoint. Because of her initiatives the West region offices increased their pipeline and awareness to the marketplace at a level never seen before. Francine was creative and challenged the status quo in those offices and achieved more there in less than 2 years than several of our business development people did over 5. It would be my pleasure to work with Francine again.” –Glenn Chamoff , Business Development Director , CSC

“I look forward to continue connecting with you. I love your passion and genius in “inspiring beautiful women to do amazing things.” Thank you for seeing the light in women and inviting them to claim it for themselves. Have a magical day.” – Daniela Koenig

“It’s always a pleasure to work with Francine on any project, since one can feel confident her contributions will add to the overall success of the project and the team. She is outstanding in identifying and developing new business relationships to support overall business goals. She is both innovative and thorough in everything she does, and consistently projects a positive, professional attitude.” – Bill West , Account Executive, Computer Sciences Corporation

“I really like your positive vibe and will be following your social media posts closely. Over the past 6 months I’ve really begun to embrace the power of social media and have begun to incorporate internet marketing into my network marketing business. I find it to be much more powerful than the “old school” network marketing strategies but I have so much more to learn. I believe in learning from the best and you are definitely in my radar.” – Blessings, Sondra Briggs

“Francine brings energy, dedication and enthusiasm to everything she does. She is particularly adept at building and leveraging relationships to help businesses grow. She always projects a positive, can-do attitude with a knack for zeroing in on the key wins for everyone.” – John Schweisberger, Managing Director, Pacific Southwest Region , Computer Sciences Corporation

“Francine Allaire worked under my direct supervision at Advantius, I had the great pleasure of seeing a true professional at work, bringing exceptional enthusiasm, commitment, creativity and expertise to our company. Francine is a hard-working self-starter who invariably understands exactly what a project is all about from the outset, and how to get it done quickly and effectively. She worked with Advantius’ largest clients, where she taught them, trained many of their employees, and created systems that they can follow well into the future. Ms. Allaire is a resourceful, creative, and solution-oriented person who was frequently able to come up with new and innovative approaches to her assigned projects. She functioned exceptionally well as a team leader, and has superior sales leadership skills and techniques. Other employees were always delighted to work with her on her projects. On the interpersonal side, Francine has superior written and verbal communication skills. She gets along extremely well with staff under her supervision, as well as colleagues at her own level. She is highly respected, as both a person and a professional, by colleagues, employees, suppliers, and customers alike.” – Robert Stevens,
 President, Advantius