Social media tools are becoming mandatory for personal branding and professional success. The digital assets – blog, podcast, videos and social networking profiles – are your online identity and how people discover and connect with you. You have the ability to leverage social media tools and networks in order to present a positive image, be recognized as an expert in your field or industry or to be recruited for a position that aligns with your talents and passions.

We’d would be honored to share our expertise with your audience.

Topics we can tailor your presentations on:

  • Social Media for Career Professionals
  • Social Media for Revenue Growth
  • Branding
  • Collaboration
  • Strategic Alliances, Partnerships and Joint Ventures
  • Sales and Marketing Alignment
  • Building Sales Channels

Please note that our talks can be tailored and adapted to your audience and topics can be combined to meet your specific needs. Items can be added or deleted from each talk depending on the amount time allotted.

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Signature Talks

Making it onto the FORBES List: 10 Teachable Lessons
Two of the managing partners of Social Media Academy for Women made it to the short list – 3 times between them and they’d like to share with you and your audience their 10 teachable lessons.

The Career Lift™ – Using the Power of Social Media and Personal Branding for Corporate Professionals
Just like a product or a business, you need to develop your Personal Brand along with a powerful circle of influence in order to propel your career forward. By now, there is no doubt that Social Media tools are becoming mandatory for career success. These tools are free advertising and give corporate career professionals, like you, the ability to connect directly with hiring managers, colleagues and recruiters. The digital assets – blog, podcast, and social networking profiles – are your online identity and how people discover and connect with you. You have the ability to leverage social media tools and networks in order to present a positive image, be recognized as an expert in your field or in your industry and be recruited for a position that aligns with your expertise and talents.

But can individuals easily find you? If and when they do, do they know what you do, who you are, and most importantly what you stand for? Do you have a strong personal brand? Are YOU using Social Media for Personal Branding, Expanding Your Circle of Influence and for Propelling Your Career Forward? Better yet, do you have a personal brand?

Remember It’s All About YOU! The world of business is becoming very personal!
In this presentation you will learn:

  • How to increase your income and get the notoriety you deserve by creating a strong personal brand;
  • How to package your expertise to highlight your unique value and best assets in order to increase your marketability, visibility and credibility;
  • How to use social media marketing strategy and social networking sites to showcase your talents and expertise;
  • How to build a solid network of powerful relationships and strategic alliances;

Isn’t time you find out what Social Media can do for you and for your career.

“Mastering the Art of Dating in Business™ Partner for Growth and Profits”
Whether you are a solo-professional, a small business or a sizable organization, you have limited resources: time, money, access, connections or knowledge. So collaborating with other businesses is essential to the survival and growth of your business. With the right collaborative partners you will be able to think bigger, achieve more, grow your revenue, expand your influence, gain competitive advantage, and increase customer and shareholder value.

In this presentation you will learn:

  • Why is Partnering more vital than ever?
  • Forms of Collaboration:  Joint Ventures, Strategic Alliances, Co-Marketing Agreement…
  • Why do so many partnerships fail?
  • How is partnering a lot like dating: 3 important questions!
  • The Partnering Lifecycle
  • 10 Critical Success Factors
  • Q&A

Is Collaboration the New Workplace / Business Model?
Collaboration isn’t the buzzword of the week. It is the NEW Workplace Business Model, because effective collaboration is intrinsic to how well an organization (big or small will perform over time, and that includes inside collaboration across functional teams, departments or business units, as well as, collaboration with potential partners, suppliers, even at times, with our competitors (referred to as co-petition)

Collaboration is often viewed of as “a nice to have” for businesses. Collaboration between employees, contractors, supplier/vendors, partners, and customers bring unbelievable competitive advantage to businesses. Businesses and individuals that have learned to work collaboratively have seen startling results. They have greater agility, make better decisions, and are more competitive. Collaboration is simple to understand and should be second nature. It means we do something better, often bigger, when we do it together. Yet it is difficult to attain.

In this presentation you will learn:

  • Why is Collaboration more Relevant Now than ever Before?
  • Benefits of Collaboration
  • Why is Successful Collaboration Difficult to Attain?
  • 8 Critical Elements for Successful Collaboration
  • Collaboration Style
    • Do men and women collaborate differently?
    • Do women, as a group, tend to build or seek out different types of alliances?
    • Are both men and women missing opportunities to leverage different skills set when it comes to collaborating?

Building Powerful Connections and Relationships

  • What, if anything, could female executives do to build more powerful connections and relationships in a workplace often still dominated by men?

Being a Good Partner is Hard Work!
Why Collaborate? Conclusion

Other talks

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  • The New Sales Model: Solving and Helping